Advanced Google Analytics for Magento

Advanced Google Analytics module for Magento 1.5 to 1.8. Main features : - Easy tracking installation : Set up your Google Analytics tracking in a few clicks. - Choose when your orders are registered as complete by GA (selection by order status) - Advanced statistics available on Google Analytics ! (Conversion rate, revenue per source, per category, number of visits for one transaction...) Note : This module requires a free Google Analytics account to work properly.
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This module does a lot more than simply enabling Google Analytics tracking on your shop. It also tracks all the transactions done on your website server-side. For every completed order, information like price, quantity, product name, category... are also sent to Google Analytics in order to allow precise tracking of transactions. You can now follow the evolution of your sales, the repartition between each product in the total sales, the orders medium price, the conversion rate... plus all of the common Google Analytics features. You will also be able to track the most beneficial sources of traffic, you ads campaign efficiency, how the visitors go through the website... Each order is tracked, independently from the payment method: Moreover, you can select the order states at which orders will be counted as validated and done, for more precise tracking.
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