Piwik for Prestashop

This module is available for free, on both Prestashop 1.4 and 1.5 versions. Main features : - Install Piwik tracking & analysis in a few clicks - Each visitor is tracked, from how he got to your shop to the moment he leaves - Advanced statistics gathered about your shop (conversion rate, time per visit, deleted carts, stats per product, category, page... )
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In addition to allowing you to install basic Piwik tracking on your website, this module will allow you to follow and analyse precisely every visit and transaction done on your online shop. You will be able to follow individually the path taken by each visitor, from the source which brought him to the website to the validation of his order : which products where seen, on which pages, which page is the most visited, which product is selling the most... Product and category views are saved too, in order to get even more statistics (transformation rate, ...) Moreover, this module has asynchronous tracking enabled, which reduces it's impact on pageload, and doesn't block pageload on customer's browsers. Every order will be registered by Piwik, and you will have access to detailed statistics for every aspect of your website.
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